Hot Italian Chicken Sausage

Grandpa Scalzo’s Famous Hot Italian Sausage is made from only the finest ingredients. We use prime cuts of chicken, fresh broccoli rabe, hot peppers and Italian cheeses true to the traditional style of sausage making.
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• 6 Pound Pack contains 24 servings.
• 12 Pound Pack contains 48 servings.

We are so excited that now everyone in the country will be able to enjoy a delicious secret that our families have been enjoying for many years.
Available in 6 pound packs or 12 pound packs.  Choose your pack below.


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100% skinless boneless chicken thighs, Broccoli Robe, roasted red peppers, Italian imported provolone, mozzarella and Romano cheese, onion, garlic, Pepper, salt, fennel seed, parsley, Italian crushed red pepper, paprika, natural pork casings.
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