Grandpa Scalzo’s Famous Chicken Sausage and Cheese Calzone



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About this Recipe

  • 2 Pounds Grandpa Scalzo’s Famous Chicken Sausage Sweet or Spicy

  • 32oz Ricotta Cheese

  • Romano Cheese

  • Parsley

  • Mozzarella Cheese

  • 1 Pizza Dough or Homemade Dough makes two calzones

  • Egg Yoke

Step 1

Cook sausage in olive oil to 162. When done, take out and put in dish, let cool then dice.

Step 2

Put ricotta in bowl and add ½ cup Romano cheese and mix.

Step 3

Stretch dough on cutting board with flour. Lay out dough on cutting board and cut in half.

Step 4

Add ricotta cheese and sausage to center of dough.

Step 5

Fold over and press edges together to seal.

Step 6

Brush egg yoke on top and add sesame seeds then bake 350 until golden brown.

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